Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Avatar® Course?

Avatar is a self-development course that is taught in over 70 countries and translated into 32 languages. It teaches tools to let go of past patterns, release negativity and create inspiring and meaningful lives. Students sign up with a licensed Avatar Master who guides them personally through the course, alongside other Masters and students. There are weekend workshops and 9-day courses worldwide.

How will the Avatar Course benefit me?

These are some benefits of the Avatar course:

  • Better focus

  • Confidence in making decisions

  • Rekindled enthusiasm

  • Clarity of direction

  • Freedom from reactivity

  • Inner peace

  • Feeling connected

  • Being present

  • Creating a path to fulfillment and success

Is it Motivational Speaking?

No. Avatar is experiential. The course teaches tools to make real, lasting changes. Taking a course is like getting a step-by-step manual for how to achieve what you know is possible. Each student is personally guided through a series of techniques to actually make the changes they want to make.

Why do people take the Avatar Course?

Here are some of the reasons people come to a course:

  • They are stuck in repeating patterns and they are determined to break through them

  • They are needing to make changes but they feel blocked

  • They feel something is missing in their life

  • They want to create more fulfillment, joy and connection

  • They have some things that they want to improve or attract

  • They love to evolve and grow and explore their consciousness

  • They are wanting to redefine themselves or take their lives to the next level

  • They want to take the course to operate at their highest level and join a worldwide team teaching others to do the same


Where is the course held?

The International Avatar Courses are held in Orlando Florida. There are weekend workshops and 9-day courses. There are also Country Courses around the world. Courses are held at Hotel conference rooms and students can book a room at the hotel as well.

Is it available online?
There is a Free Introductory Session that is offered online. After that, all of the Avatar courses are in-person.


How long is the course?
The Avatar Course is 9 days. It can be done in 3 sections. They can be taken separately or all at one time.



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