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Self Development Tools

“Before you take on the world, you need to master your own mind.”

- Harry Palmer

People in the self-development field are familiar with the concept of using “tools” to help us make positive changes. In this sense, tools are mental techniques that are used to explore and manage our minds more effectively.

Why do we need tools?

We use tools for everything- from building and cooking to gardening and practicing medicine. We would not be able to create much in the physical world without our tools! Many people don’t realize that it is equally vital to have good tools to operate our own mind.

The value of using tools is that they enable us to run our mind deliberately. For example, when we are upset about something we tend to resist it, indulge in it, or to pretend we are not experiencing it. All of these strategies actually make us feel worse and we end up getting lost in our thinking, our emotions or our stories. It is incredibly valuable to know that we can open up our toolbox and pick the right tool to move through that upset effectively.

Here are some of the abilities that tools can help us improve:

- Moving through emotions

- Deciding

- Clearing out old beliefs

- Creating new beliefs

- Becoming present

- Focusing our attention

- Releasing limitations

- Experiencing positive states of mind

- Getting real

- Opening our heart

Instead of just talking about things, tools enable us to target a specific block or manifest a specific intention that truly moves us forward. When we use self-development tools, we can take charge of our mind and realign our efforts toward our goals.The Avatar® Course provides a series of tools that enable us to become fully present and manage our mind effectively. Just as I can’t imagine leaving the house in the morning without brushing my teeth and showering, I can’t imagine starting my day without using the Avatar tools to clear and focus my mind!

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