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Sometimes we find ourselves totally stumped, wondering how we got ourselves in the exact situation we never wanted to be in! We may be attempting to stay positive and do all the right things, but we can still end up attracting the things we don't want. How does this happen?

Harry Palmer says “The surest way to make something persist is to resist it.” (ReSurfacing p. 50)

Whenever we put our attention on something, whether it's positive or negative, we are attracting it. Resistance is a form of attention. It has a magnetic quality to it. When we picture something and resist it, we are drawing it to us. We are actually working against ourselves.

Consequences of resisting:

- It feeds the creations that we don’t want

- It locks us in our stories

- It prevents us from being present and experiencing the moment

- It can lead us to choose non-deliberate behaviors such as reacting, yelling, retreating or giving up

- It can trap us in victim consciousness

- It causes tensions and stress in our bodies and minds

Things happen that we don’t like. It’s part of life. Let’s say that somebody doesn’t call us back. We can feel rejected or disrespected. Some of us try to pretend it doesn’t bother us (we resist what we are feeling by pushing it away), and some of us start indulging in our stories. We call one person after another and complain about it, and we hold on to our reaction (another form of resisting our feelings). Both of these strategies are forms of resistance that continue to draw in more circumstances that are interpreted as rejection or disrespect.

In the Will Minicourse Harry Palmer says that the way to move through a creation effectively is to deliberately experience what we are feeling in the moment. It is vital to have effective tools to deliberately experience whatever we are feeling instead of resisting it. This enables us to move through it without getting stuck there. After we do this, we are then present again, and we can re-direct our attention to what we Do want to attract.




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