• Ariela Sarai

The Power of Beliefs

“Beliefs are seeds that will one day flower into realities.”   -Harry Palmer

Many people are aware that their beliefs create their experiences. But there is much more to this than simply positive thinking. The ability to create new beliefs that actually attract a new reality requires learning 3 foundational skills:

1. We need to be able to find our hidden beliefs that are sabotaging us

2. We have to learn how to weed them out 3) We must learn how to create new beliefs that actually have the power to manifest

If we just stick a new belief on top of a negative one that we already hold, we have just put one foot on the gas while the other foot is on the break. We have created a stand-still rather than a new reality. So, how do beliefs really work? Lets break it down:

Beliefs act as filters, through which we see the world When we hold a belief like “It’s hard to make money doing what I love,” it starts to filter our reality. We will generate evidence to support it, and will tune out other possibilities. One day I was walking down the beach looking for blue sea glass. My eyes kept jumping to bits of shiny blue objects. There were tons of other shells and rocks around me, but they all formed a grey blur. It dawned on me that this is exactly how a belief works! We are attracting and tuning out possibilities based on our beliefs.

Beliefs generate their own evidence They are like individual self-fulfilling prophecies. When we have evidence for something, we assume that it is real, rather than realizing that the evidence is generated by the belief we are holding. If we believe we can’t create the relationship we want, we use our lack of a partner to “prove” it. But what makes it real is the fact that we are believing it! The belief generates evidence, and the evidence strengthens the belief. It can feel that there is no way out.

How strongly you hold a belief is what gives it power Do you ever wake up energized and excited about the day, and a little while later you could be dreading the exact same day? What is happening? Let’s say we hold a belief “I am grateful for my life.” If we wake up and feel it strongly that means that your conviction is turned up to a 9 or 10. Later, we may get an unexpected bill or have a stressful conversation, and we automatically turn that dial down and now that belief is held at a 1. The power we give beliefs is usually operating on automatic, but we can also turn this dial up or down deliberately.

We all have conflicting beliefs If every belief is a seed that wants to grow, that means that we all have an internal garden full of plants as well as weeds. This is why we often feel like our mind is opposing us. We decide we want to make a change and we plant empowering beliefs, but then our mind starts showing us all the beliefs that cause us to doubt that decision. These doubts cause us to question ourselves and we end up stalling or stopping our forward movement. Time to weed the garden!

Part of training our mind and tuning-in to our soul is doing our belief-work. The first step to awaken the awareness where we recognize that we are not any of our beliefs. We are the creators of our beliefs. From this place we can decide what we truly want to create. Harry Palmer says “YOU are the gardner, the essence of Source.” We can practice deliberately planting new seeds and weeding out limitations. When we take care of our internal “garden,” we will find that we naturally and rapidly blossom new, wonderful, inspiring realities!




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