"My work with Ariela has been life-changing. When I first began, I theoretically knew that I could create what I wanted, but my life did not reflect that! Ariela gently guided me through the course with endless patience and support. She did more than listen. She taught me techniques and strategies to actually make the changes I wanted to make. I now have a foundation on which to stand, and I am creating the life I've always dreamed of! If you have the opportunity to work with Ariela, do it before the sun goes down tonight. I'm a stubborn one and I'm forever grateful that she chose to invest her time and energy in me. I encourage you to open your heart to her and to the Avatar teachings, take the journey, do the work. All that you give to the process, will come back to you."  


Kristen Fischer 

Digital Marketer, CA

"Where to begin? The Avatar course has changed my life. As a serious spiritual student for over 15 yrs and a licensed spiritual counselor, I thought I'd been exposed to just about all the powerful tools and teachers on the market. How wrong I was. Apparently I was saving the best for last. These are truly paradigm-busting tools. Ariela listens and guides with compassion, yet stands firm, knowing you can play bigger in your own life. The result? You see the world differently, as though the veil has been lifted and you are free. I made some major life changes and decisions that were long overdue. I simply cannot express the power of this whole experience, for which I will be forever grateful."

Linda Albright
Spiritual Counselor and Business Coach, Hartford, CT

"Avatar provides an amazing combination of spirituality and tools for real people living in the real world. I use the techniques daily to stay present, focused, and happy. There are no words to describe how my life has improved since Avatar. Ariela has supported me through my challenges, successes and transitions. She is honestly committed to each person's success."

Ivonne Zucco
Director of a Crisis Counseling Center, Stamford, CT

"Before Avatar I was unable to move my life forward and trust my intuition. At the course I had so many epiphanies! I learned how to recognize my intuition, trust it, and follow it. I became the most authentic version of myself. Almost immediately when I returned home, my life started aligning itself with my true vision. I am beyond grateful for Ariela's support. I am now creating the life I've always wanted. It's a very empowering experience and I recommend it to anyone looking to self-improve."

Hope Sackin
Creative Director, Stamford, CT

"I have done years of spiritual work and hired over a dozen coaches. What makes Avatar different is that I learned tools to engage fully in my life. Now I am really creating and enjoying the whole process! Ariela meets you right where you are, and she is truly WITH YOU whenever you're working together. Since Avatar I have made many important shifts, and I know with these tools I can handle any challenge that might come up."

Christina Frei
Youth Motivational Speaker, Wilton, CT

"I never imagined how wonderful this course would be. Before I started, I had already done a lot of work on myself, including studying the "law of attraction" in depth. Yet, there were still areas of my life that I was not creating what I wanted. Now that has changed! Avatar continues to deliver gem after gem. I am awakening to my true potential. Each course in Avatar is a gift to you and those whose lives you touch."

Jeanine Jackson
Portrait Artist, Greenwich, CT



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